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Taos is New Mexico True
Hands molding clay on a pottery wheel

Taos is blessed with an abundance of talent. From poets and novelists to artists, chefs, and more, there is a profusion of creativity in Taos to appreciate—and even participate in! Add a little self-enrichment to your time in Taos by taking a class or workshop led by one of our local luminaries. 

Taos is a famed art colony of old, so what better place to embark on your creative journey? Classes and workshops covering pottery and tableware, photography, stone carving, and painting—everything from plein air landscape to abstract—can start you on your path to creative expression.

If writing and literature are more your style, there are classes and workshops in Taos on everything from science fiction and fantasy to self-discovery through writing as well as explorations of Taos’s rich literary heritage.

You can also cook your way through the cuisines of Northern New Mexico and countless other world cuisines through cooking classes and demonstrations in Taos—all ending with a delicious sampling of all you’ve created.

The classes and workshops in Taos don’t stop with the arts—fine, literary, culinary, or otherwise. Spiritual retreats and workshops abound as well, encompassing yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Native American spirituality, traditional medicine, and more.

What better way to take a piece of Taos home with you than to embed the creativity and spirituality of this land within yourself?