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Taos is New Mexico True
A woman holding a cup of hot coffee

There’s no doubt about it, Taoseños love their coffee—and their coffee shops. Turn just about any corner or walk down just about any block in Taos, and the arresting aroma of coffee will draw you inexorably to the closest purveyor. Whether you like your coffee brewed and black or crave an espresso adorned with milk and chocolate and spice, you are guaranteed not to go uncaffeinated in Taos. 

Many of our homegrown coffee shops in Taos roast their own beans or work with local roasters to produce the freshest and most flavorful brews possible. Ethics are at work too; sustainable growing practices and ethical treatment of growers are important to Taoseños, and our coffee shops work hard to make sure they’re sourcing wisely.

As important as the coffee is the ambience, and Taos’s coffee shops cater to every taste in this department too. From the hippie to the hipster, from the serious to the chic, every door will welcome you with a different vibe. Many of our coffee shops also serve up delicious food, from savory breakfast fare and fresh-baked pastries to sandwiches, pies, and homemade ice cream. (If you’re super savvy, top your ice cream with a shot of espresso in a heavenly affogato. You can thank us later.)

So when you’re planning your trip to Taos, make sure you stay long enough to sample the range—otherwise you’ll have to drink an awful lot of coffee in one day, and we take no responsibility for the consequences! 

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