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Taos is New Mexico True
Tennis ball

If you’re someone who routinely makes the distinction between “disc golf” and “ball golf,” Taos is the destination for you. Start off with a practice round at a course designed around an old gravel pit where you can get used to the elevation and the wind (always a hazard in Taos). Then head up to one of several mountain resorts that transform from ski destination in winter to disc golf haven in summer. The courses have some stunning mountain scenery to enjoy along the way, and many of them are free to play!

For enthusiasts of tennis and pickleball, there are courts on the north and south sides of town, both with adjacent swimming pools for a cooling dip after you’ve worked up a sweat. And the Taos Eco Park is world renowned for its soccer training facilities. Teams come from all over the globe to train in Taos’s high altitude and clean air, and the park is used regularly by local school and university teams as well. It’s an exceptional place to catch a game or have a kick-around.

So, whether you like your outdoor activities on a course or on a court, we promise you’ll find ample opportunities for diversion in Taos.