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Taos is New Mexico True
Hot air balloon with roaring flames

The sky is indeed big and blue in Taos. It’s an adventure in itself up there in the heavens, from Taos’ fast-changing changing weather and iconic Southwestern sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, and moonsets to the never-ending panorama of stars against a black, black sky. There’s birdlife to spy and an incredible procession of clouds and storms (on those days when the sky isn’t a spotless blue).

For some it may be enough to take in the mountains and mesas from the ground, but if you’re up for seeing Taos’s wildly dynamic geography from above, a hot air balloon ride could be the new high for you. Take flight with expert pilots over strange and sensational terrain. Drift past ancient basalt formations or dip down into the Rio Grande Gorge for the view of a lifetime. Taos and ballooning were truly made for each other. And don’t forget the ceremonial Champagne for after your flight! 

Also for the adventurous of spirit, pack a lunch and take a summertime chairlift ride to the lofty peaks of Taos Ski Valley for an unforgettable picnic, or go soaring 50 stories above the forest on Angel Fire’s zipline ride.

However you prefer to reach for the sky in Taos, you’re welcome aboard!

Hot Air Balloons
Eske's Paradise Balloons

Balloon flights begin at dawn with a ride into the desert outside Taos, New Mexico, inflation of the huge lighter-than-air craft, boarding the basket, and floating upward with an experienced, licensed pilot.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides over the beautiful Rio Grande Gorge. Daily, year round. Locally owned and operated. FAA Certificated Pilots, perfect safety record.

Taos Balloon Rides

Taos Hot Air Balloon Rides follow a unique balloon flight path over and in the Rio Grande Gorge, the wilderness and the "high bridge," which is unmatched in its scenic beauty and outstanding hot air balloon flight conditions.