Art Today

Original art is on the walls of our restaurants, banks, the hospital, and most all public offices. Artists can be seen at work along downtown lanes and in the countryside. Someone (no one remembers who but everyone agrees) once claimed that Taos has more artists per capita than any town in the world, even Paris. And if you add musicians, writers, filmmakers and theater to that list, everyone in Taos is an artist.

Art in Taos; let us tell you more. We have over 80 art galleries (view a map of galleries, courtesy of Taos Gallery Association). There are six museums in Taos that preserve and display historic and contemporary art. There are two major art festivals in Taos – Fall Arts and Spring Arts -- several film festivals, a poets and storyteller festival, and four music festivals - classical, jazz, and rock - what's your preference?

Taos has art on the walls, literally. There are murals throughout the historic downtown that depict Taos life and history. Most are contemporary but the murals in the old county courthouse on Taos Plaza date from the WPA era. Outdoor sculpture abounds: look for the red steel horse and wild cowboy in front of Centinel Bank, the bronze of Padre Martinez in Taos Plaza, the kinetic pinwheels and water sculptures outside local art galleries. All provide unusual backdrops for visitors to shoot family photos to send to the relatives at Christmastime.