manby & black rock hot springs

Black Rock Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Taos

Black Rock Hot Springs is located north of Taos, west of the town of Arroyo Hondo Travel from Highway 522 North at mile 5.3 turn west onto County Road B007. After about 2.5 miles, the road turns hard to the right. Continue on, staying to the left and downhill until you reach a narrow one-lane bridge that takes you across the Hondo River, then cross the John Dunn Bridge over the Rio Grande. Go uphill and park in the parking area at the first switchback only if there is room for your vehicle to be completely out of the lane of travel. Do not park in the roadway or on the shoulder. Additional parking is located at the bottom of the hill or at the next switchback up the road. It’s about a 5-10 minute walk on the trail downstream to two mud-bottomed rock pools on the west bank of the Rio Grande. Pool temperatures are usually about 97 F depending on how high the river is. Clothing optional. Black Rock is well known  and easy to reach, so don’t expect to be alone.

Please follow the posted speed limits on B-007 as there are small children in the area.

Except heavy traffic, blind curves and hairpin switchbacks. Vehicles parked on the switchbacks are subject to being towed at owner expense.

Do not take RVs or large buses down to John Dunn Bridge as there is limited parking and no place to turn around. Most RVs and large buses can not traverse the switchbacks on the west side.

Do not block the boat ramp as it is used on a regular basis by commercial and private boaters.

No camping is permitted below the rim in John Dunn Bridge Area including at Black Rock Hot Springs. Dispersed camping is permitted up on the plateau on the west side of the bridge on BLM lands.

Manby Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Taos

The BLM is requesting that Manby Hot Springs be removed from the page.  Manby Hot Springs does not have public access along Tune Drive which is a private road and abuses by the public including trespassing is causing major issues out there.  The community requested that all promotion of the hot springs cease in 2007 and it was removed for awhile but has started up again.

The only legal access to Manby Hotsprings is from the river. Tune Drive and all lands along Tune Drive is private property. Tune Drive is not a public or county road.  There is no legal access to Manby Hotsprings from the road system and that includes the dirt parking area near Manby Trailhead.

Map to Manby and Black Rock Hot Springs

Additional Tips:

Bring a flash light if you may be returning in the dark.

Midtown Hondo is the closest place to get food and drinks for the springs. Midtown offers a bar menu and store with food, drinks, takeaways and fishing supplies. Visit Midtown Hondo here for more information.


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