stories and legends of taos

Taos has a rich, diverse past with its background of Native people, explorers and settlers and the discovery and marketing of the American Southwest. Many visitors come to Taos based upon its history from accounts and news, both past and present. Taos Stories and Legends encourages reflection upon the differences of the past and history among many arts and cultural organizations.

“While still just a remote mountain village, Taos was infused with an astonishing number of artists, literary and intellectual thinkers of the day.” (Introduction, Images of America Taos by Lyn Bleiler)

Taos Artists

Taos is a mecca for artists and visionaries. Artists find endless inspiration through Taos’ natural beauty, rustic charm, and unique way of life.

Taos Art History

From the native pottery created from the earth to the paintings of the Moderns, art has always had a place in Taos.

Timeline of Events

A timeline of the important events that have shaped Taos, from ancient times of hunter-gatherers to the modern day art colony.

Art Abounds in Taos

It’s claimed Taos has more artists per capita than any town in the world, even Paris. If you add musicians, writers, theater everyone in Taos is an artist.

100 Years of Taos Art

1915: Six artists formed an alliance: the Taos Society of Artists, which would transform Taos into a world-renowned art colony.

Historic Taos Plaza

The heart of Taos, where locals gather for summer concerts and visitors enjoy the shops and galleries all year long.

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