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Inside or out, there is plenty to do in Taos; from gallery hopping to rafting the rapids on the Rio, you’ll not be bored for a minute in the Land of Enchantment.

Gutter Ball

With beer and wine and brick oven pizza, along with live entertainment and other events planned, Gutters is going to be a fantastic addition to Taos. Featuring 12-lanes with a sleek and retro design, bowling culture is well represented.

Three Best Places To Go Fishing in Taos

All around Taos there are a myriad of rivers, lakes and streams to fish in. Here are three, easy to find, not hard to get to, fishing holes to cast your line into.

Let’s Go Glamping

“It’s a way to experience untamed and completely different parts of our region, without having to sacrifice creature comforts.”

7 Best Places to Cool Off During a Heatwave in Taos

It’s hot out there! In more ways than one, but even though fires are burning with more heat waves on the radar, there are still a few places to go and cool off if need be. From mountain tops to air-conditioned heaven, catching a breeze is easy aqui en Taos, if you know where to go.

Monsoon Mushrooms

Monsoon season means mushrooms aqui en Taos. Few realize that Taos is one of the best places to find edible boletus (porcini) in the United States. With hundreds of varieties of mushrooms – you’ll be in mushroom heaven!

Rainy Day Activities

There’s a lot to do in Taos, rain or shine, but when you plan your day to be outdoors, it can be a bit of a downfall. Here are 5 activities in Taos that’ll keep you out of the rain until the sun comes out again.

Deb Komitor at Taos Blue

Finding inspiration from nature, Deb Komitor’s landscape paintings express the joy she has felt in nature since childhood. Her work is available exclusively in Taos, at Taos Blue on the corner of Bent Street and the Paseo.

Inevitable Things

Chaos is inevitable in itself, and like inevitable things drives our sensemaking in a world of happenstance and circumstance. A world where despite inevitability, nothing is ever the same twice.

Taos’ Mystical Splendor Inspires an Active Glamping Experience

Native ceremonies, active adventures, luxurious tents, boho vintage trailers, and indulgent farm to table crafted meals. Experience Taos by connecting to nature. Enjoy outdoor yoga and energizing hikes that meet the mystical Sangre De Cristo mountains. Come slow down and nurture your soul through Taos’ landscape. Connect to your body while indulging in luxury glamping.

Work by Women: Erin Currier

I don’t recall how or where I first met Erin Currier, but I’ve been looking at her work since her first show in Taos at the old South Side Bean. Erin Currier’s critically acclaimed traveling show, La Frontera opens at the Harwood Museum of Art on February 10th, in conjunction with Work by Women.

Work by Women: Zoe Zimmerman

Zoe Zimmerman is another amazing addition to the Work By Women show a the Harwood Museum. Living in her art, her camera almost never leaves her side. From studio skills to out door in the moment shots, Zimmerman captivates her audience with her photos. Her singular vision spots things that most miss, creating spectacular art.

Work By Women: Anita Rodriguez

Anita Rodriguez was born and raised here in Taos. An accomplished painter and award-winning writer, she had a head start in the Arts, having had a mother who was an incredibly talented water colorist, who in fact came to Taos to paint.

UNM-Taos DMA Film Day: New Mexico Voices

Taos Film Day: New Mexico Voices is a celebration of film, storytelling, and media education which features a filmmakers forum, a panel of Indigenous women film makers and the prestigious Canon Awards. The New Mexico Film Foundation, New Mexico Women In Film, New Mexico Girls Make Movies, Canon and UNM Taos are all collaborating to make this possible.

Twirl’s 4th Annual Invent Event

As if providing the best playspace and toy shop for miles around was not enough, since taking on their non-profit status, Twirl has become a true force in our midst! Empowering the children of our community with knowledge gained via creativity and play, their 4th Annual Invent Event will take place on Saturday April 28th from 12 – 4pm at Enos Garcia Elementary School

5 Things To Do In Taos During Spring Break

Looking for a spring break getaway?Taos has it all, plus great weather, and when it comes to traveling with kids, this is as good as it gets, especially at this time of year. But chances are, you already know this and have your flight booked, lodging arrangements set, and are now counting the hours.

Taos School of Music

June 17 – August 5, 2018
Over 50 years of preparing young masters for the world stage and bringing superb performances to chamber music lovers.

7 Best Reasons To Get Married In Taos Ski Valley

As Taos Ski Valley gets ready to open for the Season, I thought it a perfect opportunity to share this post. The third… Read more »

All Souls Day At The Martinez Hacienda

Long a tradition in these parts, All Saints and All Souls Day are observed with ritual and prayer as October comes to an end and November heralds the advent of Winter.

Woman Solo

Honestly, I’m still pinching myself that I was able to find as much help as I did in a place where I didn’t know anyone. Taos angels are real!!”

Paseo Project Party

It’s that time of year again! The PASEO  Project is back – a smaller version this year – centered on… Read more »

Coyota’s Magic Tamales

There are tamales and there are tamales. But nobody makes tamales like Coyota  –  tamales unlike any you have tasted before, filled with magic and memory.

100 Things To Do In Taos

Spend an evening at the annual Taos Pueblo Pow Wow. (second weekend of July) *Hot Tip: Join in with the dancers in an informal ‘Round Dance’

July 4th At Taos Ski Valley

Experience a high altitude, Alpine Independence Day at Taos Ski Valley, on the Mountain, where the air is fresh and clean, cooled by evergreen breezes.

Winter In Taos

  I thought these pictures, by Bill Curry, of Patricia Michaels in winter with her partner James, were the perfect segue from Robert… Read more »

Twirl, A Play and Discovery Space

Twirl is housed in a sprawling 150 year old adobe building in the heart of the Historical District in Taos…. Read more »

Earthships: Taos Born and Bred

When Reynolds first came to Taos in 1969, fresh out of architecture school, there were only a few paved roads and a Piggly Wiggly grocery store on the Plaza.

Paseo à deux

Inspired and inspiring, these two remarkable members of our vibrant Art Community, Agnes Chavez and J Matthew Thomas have gifted Taos.

Richard Spera and J.Matthew Thomas

A native New Yorker, Richard graduated from Cornell University’s Hotel and Restaurant School before creating and managing several successful restaurants in the City.

Taos Ghost Tours – Melody Romancito

Taos with its long and often fraught history is most definitely haunted and Melody is happy to show you exactly where these wraiths prefer to hang out.

Taos Pow Wow | In the Buffalo Pasture

The Annual Taos Pow Wow is an incredible celebration of culture and tradition which brings together people of all the nations on this Turtle Island.

Angelisa Espinoza – Heritage Inspirations

It is her love of geology, history and culture that sets her apart, and make her tours memorable.

Clinton Joseph Murphy – Shree Yoga

Shree Yoga Taos has a roster of incredible Yoga instructors aside from Suki and Genevieve, both of whom you have met here today meet Clinton Joseph Murphy.

Guided Tours

With so much to see and do in Taos and the surrounding areas, it can be overwhelming deciding what to… Read more »

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