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Taos is New Mexico True
Taos Pueblo and Taos Mountain

The Annual San Geronimo Feast Day is  September 30th.  Visitors are welcome to come and share in the day of family, friends, and feast. Traditionally, a trade fair for visitors near and far.  As part of our traditions and customs we have our footraces in the morning, open to the public at 8 am, your more than welcome to observe the morning festivities. Through out the day an open market will be accessible to take home wares from an array of visiting vendors.  The afternoon will be filled with laughter as the Koshare (for lack of written term in the Tiwa or Sacred clowns for lack of term in English) greet the community for the remainder of the day (1 pm – 5 pm, approximately).  Please be mindful this day is a sacred day and all elements of the Taos Pueblo community are to be respected.  Due to the sacredness of the day there are NO RECORDING DEVICES  of any kind are allowed.  Cell phones, cameras, drones, etc.  are not allowed and will be confiscated. Thank you for your respect and we hope you leave with the memory of the day and share experience through your words with family and friends.