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Taos is New Mexico True
Taos, NM

Taos is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and thriving arts scene. With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in the state, cannabis shops have also become a part of the local landscape. New Mexico legalized the use of recreational cannabis in June of 2021, making it the 18th state in the United States to do so. Cannabis establishments are allowed to sell cannabis products to anyone who is 21 years of age or older, as long as they have a valid ID.

Many shops in the area have embraced Taos’ artsy vibe, incorporating colorful and eclectic decor, local art, and music into their spaces. If you have never visited a cannabis shop, your might be surprised to know that they offer a wide range of products, including traditional cannabis flower, edibles, tinctures, oils, and concentrates. Many shops also carry locally-sourced and organic products, highlighting the town’s commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. Employees are usually highly knowledgeable about the products that they sell and are eager to answer questions and provide guidance to customers.

Another unique aspect of the cannabis shop scene in Taos is the emphasis on holistic wellness. Many shops offer products that promote health and wellness, such as CBD-infused skincare products or herbal tinctures. This aligns with Taos’ reputation as a destination for those seeking alternative and holistic healing practices.

Visitors should know that while cannabis is legal in New Mexico, there are restrictions on where it can be consumed. It is illegal to smoke or consume cannabis in public, and many hotels and rental properties also prohibit its use. Cannabis shops often provide information about legal consumption areas or private spaces where cannabis can be used.

Cannabis shops in Taos offer a unique and vibrant experience for those interested in exploring cannabis products. With a focus on education, community, and holistic wellness, Taos’ cannabis shops are a reflection of the town’s values and cultural identity.