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Taos is New Mexico True
Taos, NM

Behold the Sopapilla!

New Mexican food is the best food in the world. There, we said it! The recipes served in our homes and restaurants are passed down through generations, and while New Mexican cuisine is always evolving, you can rely on staples like tortillas, red and green chile, and beans and rice to keep these dishes timeless. The sopapilla, while not a staple at every restaurant, is a local treat that should not be missed. New Mexican food is generally made from simple and affordable ingredients. It’s love and care that creates an undeniably addictive, delicious, and filling meal.

Whether you’re enjoying a plate of blue corn enchiladas, a giant smothered burrito, fish tacos or delicious deep fried rellenos, the sopapilla is the perfect complement to any New Mexican dish. The sopapilla is a deep fried soft and puffy quick bread that can be enjoyed as both a savory and sweet side. Dip it in green chile or drizzle it with honey and let you taste buds do the rest.

Taos has a wide variety of local and family-owned New Mexican food restaurants. Whether you are visiting Taos for a day or a month, there are enough local restaurants to keep you full and happy during your visit to Taos. Thank you to the Ranchos Plaza Grill for welcoming us in to their kitchen and sharing the story behind your delicious sopapillas!

View our list of wonderful restaurants serving traditional and modern New Mexican food below. For a list of restaurants that serve the sopapilla standard with your meal, view the list on the right side of the page.

Sopapillas served in Taos

These Taos restaurants serve sopapillas with your meal: