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Taos is New Mexico True
Taos, NM
Fly fishing the Rio Grande, Taos New Mexico - Rafting & Fishing at it's best.

Taos is blessed with vast natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities. For some, fly fishing is a hobby, and for others, it’s a passion.  It’s also a way to stay grounded, to slow the spinning world, and to connect with nature. Understanding the healing powers of feeling a trout tug on your line, it’s no surprise to see the number of people out on the river increasing year by year. And in Taos, the fishing is good! 

Where to fish when visiting Taos

When choosing a location in Taos where the fishing is good, it’s important to understand the factors that impact fish behavior. Streams that have flows controlled by dams, like the Costilla and the Cimarron, are typically good in the spring regardless of snow melt. The consistent flows from the dams keep fish in a good mood, and anglers can always look to these “tailwaters” as a good safe choice. 

Next in line of where the fishing is good in Taos are streams that drain some of our lower elevation mountains, like the Rio Pueblo near Peñasco. They will start to clear earlier in the year. The small creeks just south and east of Taos (Rio Chiquito, Rito de La Olla, and Rio Grande del Rancho) will also fish earlier in the season than streams that originate in high elevation snow fields.

Creeks like the Rio Hondo and the Red River are born high in the Wheeler Peak Wilderness at over 13,000 feet. They will be the last waters to drop and clear because the snow up that high takes longer to melt⏤and there is more of it!

Fishing in rivers around Taos

If bigger rivers (and bigger fish) are of interest, the Mighty Rio Grande offers 70 plus miles of public water through a dramatic gorge.  Most of the river is inaccessible to all but the most fit of anglers, but easier access can be found near the small town of Pilar just south of Taos. The Rio Grande is a notoriously finicky river for trout anglers.  If flows are not right or water temperatures are too high or too low, this sometimes-prolific river can leave even the best of fishers scratching their heads. Hire a local fishing guide to help you in and out of the canyon, and to help unlock the secrets of the mysterious river!

Fly fishing in lakes around Taos

Another place in Taos where the fishing is good is area lakes, which are great for both fly fishing and conventional tackle. Eagle Nest Lake, for example, has trout, yellow perch, and northern pike up to 4 feet long!

With so many places in Taos where the fishing is good to choose from, Taos offers anglers a great opportunity for some entertaining outdoor activity. For up-to-date fishing information and conditions, locals and visitors alike are wise to find a local fly shop or guide ahead of their outing to make sure they are headed in the right direction.