7 best places to cool off during a heatwave in taos

It’s hot out there!

In more ways than one, but even though fires are burning with more heat waves on the radar, there are still a few places to go and cool off if need be. From mountain tops to air-conditioned heaven, catching a breeze is easy aqui en Taos, if you know where to go

My top choice for a quick cool off, is to hit the Cellar before shopping at Cid’s. If you’ve been driving around, running errands, it’s pure heaven stepping into their year round frosty temperatures. Take your time perusing their great selection of organic and bio-dynamic wines, along with their exceptional selection of spirits and brews. Ask questions. The staff is super helpful and really do know their stuff. The attention to detail is reflected in the great service. Grab a bottle of rose’ to put on ice at home, and you’ll be chillin’.

For a dip in a cool pool, there’s no better place to take kids during the summer than the Quail Ridge/Tennis Ranch. FIT run a Summer Camp there which is well attended and monitored by the great hand’s on staff at the pool with the kids. But there are plenty of young mothers with children and grandmothers, including myself, who come with their grand kids.The place is cleaned daily and really has a great, understated vibe. I have been taking kids there for decades, it’s a Taos institution. Pack a picnic and plan on spending the afternoon. The kids will be occupied and you can catch a few rays. There’s a membership fee but they do offer a day rate. Oh, and tennis anyone?

All of our great museums from the Blumenschein to Martinez Hacienda (Taos Historic Museums) to the venerable Harwood and Couse properties, the divine Millicent Rogers, the treasured Fechin, infamous Kit Carson, Bent, Dunn and the rest of the Old West, encapsulated here in these galleries and rooms dedicated to beauty and memory., are cool. A great way to spend a blistering day getting to know a little more about the rich cultural heritage and history of Taos.

Taos Pueblo, if open, is a lovely place to spend a hot day. It’s always cooler being close up against the mountain, with the little Rio rushing down, cutting through the red willows and cat tails and little bridges built by hand over centuries. An afternoon spent slowing down in that ancient village will bring your body temp down a few degrees and you’ll take a different attitude back to town when you leave. Now that’s cool!

Taos Ski Valley is not just for skiers. Its higher elevation, Alpine forests and meadows a’bloom with wild flowers, make it a sweet spot to cool off. Take a hike during Monsoon Season to hunt for mushrooms that can be turned into culinary delights once back home. Or go horseback riding along trails and streams that cut through forests and open onto majestic vistas. End your day at any one of the resort’s great hotels for a cocktail while watching the sun go down.

Almost last but not least, the “river” is always on the agenda when the sun’s blazing in the summer sky, so hit the Cellar (again) and Cid’s on your way, to grab a few brews (or a can or two of chilled wine), plus supplies for a riverside lunch and you are all set. Make sure to bring hats, sunscreen and water too. And good walking shoes. Your destination is the John Dunn Bridge. You can take it from there!

If all else fails and it’s just too hot to think about getting dressed let alone getting out, then one must have Plan B firmly in place. The Staycation Kit. A big fan (standing preferably) is number one on the list. Next is a big umbrella, a blow up kiddie pool (if you have a pool, skip this step and blow up a raft instead), supplies in cupboards and fridge, including easy snacks, ice cream and lemons for a huge pitcher of lemonade (you can spike yours with whatever you have on hand), a bottle of bubbles from the dime store and a chaise longue or two to lounge on under your umbrella, while the kids splash around in the (forbidden) water, which then goes to all your thirsty plants. It’s a win win!

For much more on what to do and see in Taos, rain or shine, look at the other posts here on taos.org


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