taos history

The first European visitors to Taos were a small detachment of Vasquez de Coronado’s expedition in search of the mythical Seven Cities of Cibola, under the command of artillery Captain Hernando de Alvardo in early September of 1540. Different accounts of this expedition give various names and descriptions to what is now known as the Taos Pueblo.

The world renowned multi-storied adobe buildings are still inhabited today by the people of the community. Through perseverance and strength, their culture and traditions have also been maintained. Challenges from all walks of life continue, but the people continue to live and thrive with the numerous cultures the Taos Valley has become home to.

Native TaoseƱos now also number other cultures and heritages, each with its own history and folklore, needing to be recorded and nurtured. Change is inevitable, but we should try to preserve the memories of past events and people. Traces on the land around Taos denote the passing of all these things. Churches and other historic buildings, old roads and trails, camps of explorers, battle sites, ruins of prehistoric pueblos, mining camps and old cemeteries are but a few of the sites worth studying and preserving for future generations.

Taos Art History

From the native pottery created from the earth to the paintings of the Moderns, art has always had a place in Taos.

Timeline of Events

A timeline of the important events that have shaped Taos, from ancient times of hunter-gatherers to the modern day art colony.

100 Years of Taos Art

1915: Six artists formed an alliance: the Taos Society of Artists, which would transform Taos into a world-renowned art colony.

Taos Plaza

The heart of Taos, where locals gather for summer concerts and visitors enjoy the shops and galleries all year long.

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