Taos offers the most breathtaking and varied scenery in the state of New Mexico. Please feel free to email us for help with your production in Taos.

Movies that have been made in Taos:

All the Pretty Horses, 2000
American Dreamer, 1984
Backtrack, aka “Catchfire”, 1990
Batman vs. Superman, 2015
Bite the Bullet, 1975
Blue de Ville, 1986
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, 1979
Butch and Sundance: The Early Days, 1979
Carving the White, 1993
Challenger: An Exploration of Art and Spirit, 2002
Chicken Feed, 2011
Colors of Courage: Sons of New Mexico, 2002
Cortez, 2015
Cycles South, 1971
Descansos, 2009
Easy Rider, 1969
Embrace, 2001
Every Which Way But Loose, 1978
Finding Lee Mullican, 2008
Fools Rush In, 1996
Garbage, 1996
Ghost Phone, 2013
Hollywood or Bust, 1956
Hope, 2005
Jean Mayer, Hotel St. Bernard, 2009
Made in New Mexico, 2012
Make Haste to Live, 1954
Natural Born Killers, 1994
Off the Map, 2003
Old New Mexico, 1940
One World, 2001
Paul, 2011
Powwow Highway, 1989
Road Scholar, 1993
Sacred Earth: Makoce Wakan, 1993
Search for the Gods, 1975
Seraphim Falls, 2006
Sidewinder 1, 1977
Spoonfed Reality, 2011
Surviving Columbus, 1992
String Theory, 2004
Sweet Hostage, 1975
Taos, 2008
Tell Them Who You Are, 2004
Terminator Salvation, 2009
The American Dreamer, 1971
The Biggest Story Problem, 2012
The Cry, 2007
The Man from Laramie, 1955
The Naked Ape, 2006
Trailer: The Movie, 1999
Twins, 1988
Valley of the Sun, 1942
White Sands, 1992
Wild Hogs, 2007


Taos Visionaries: Ongoing Exhibitions

A year of exciting exhibitions highlighting the best of the arts and culture of Taos.

Remarkable Women of Taos

Authenticity seems to be the common thread that binds these women’s stories, the attribute that most defines them.

Taos Pueblo

Continuously inhabited for over 1,000 years, Taos Pueblo is designated both a World Heritage Site and a National Historic Landmark.

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