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Zoe-Zimmerman on a chaise getting photographed

Zoe Zimmerman is an acclaimed Art Photographer who has lived in Taos since she was seven years old. Born in New York City, for all her years here, Zoe couldn’t shake the NY vibe if she tried, but Taos is where her heart is.

Her formative years were spent in the once Bohemian enclave of the East Village in its heyday. Ironic this post was scheduled the day after the huge explosion and fire in the ‘hood. I think that’s what connected Zoe and I immediately when we met more than twenty years ago – the Downtown thing.

Zoe-Zimmerman portrait

Super stylish (her wardrobe is coveted by many) educated, cultivated, traveled, curious and very talented, Zoe is the mother of two, Pachin and Camille (who took and appears in the photographs here) and wife of equally talented musician and artist  Conrad Cooper who will be on the blog soon.

She currently has a provocative show hanging at the TCA (see link below) entitled OF MEN. I was going to do one post on Zoe and her show but have decided I’ll do a second piece on Monday. Today it’s all about the girl!

Zoe-Zimmerman taking a photo of a small girl in a white dress

A few of Zoe’s photographs have already graced taoStyle and there will be more to come, but trying to pin down Zoe Zimmerman is like trying to pin down Bob Dylan and that might not be too surprising given they share the same birthday, May 24th. Although they share a surname as well, she doesn’t think they’re related.

Related via their Gemini Sun Sign is enough and Zoe too, is a classic example of Mercury ruled Twin energy. How she manages to make time for her photography gigs, children (Pachin’s now at college) a husband, yoga, friends, social activities and still produce a body of work that just gets better as she gets older, can only be attributed to the muli-dextrous Twins.

Zoe-Zimmermanphoto of agirl looking into an old camera

“i’m going to be fifty.” She tells me in a state of disbelief. “Fifty.”

She doesn’t look a day older than forty.

Zoe-Zimmerman photo of a young girl

And as you can see, turning fifty does not preclude play, as evidenced by these great shots taken in her studio with and by her daughter, Camille. Staying Forever Young appears to be a Zimmerman thing.

Zoe’s work can be seen on her website linked below this post, and be sure to check in on Monday for a preview of new work from OF MEN.


OF MEN at the TCA


Top Portrait of Zoe by Paul O’Connor


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