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The Michael McCormick Gallery has a new addition to its already impressive stable of artists.

Roberto Ugalde is originally from Queretaro, Mexico, where he studied at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.


“People flock to Taos from all over the world to view, paint, and photograph our amazing change of seasons, especially the Aspens in Autumn,” says Michael, “and It appears Robert has been able to reinvigorate what Mother Nature has given us.”


Roberto Ugalde’s  impressionistic depictions of Nature; Aspens shimmering golden in the Autumnal light, storms rolling in over the Rockies and quieter renderings of secret groves are created mostly with a pallet knife applying paint heavily to the canvas. He uses brushes very infrequently, if ever.

Ugalde’s paintings are bold and expressive renderings of the dramatic landscape that surrounds us. His Aspens especially, seem alive and almost three dimensional due to his technique and style.


Although clearly classically trained, lately he has been experimenting with liquid industrial, oil based paint, dripped onto an horizontal canvas, manipulating the color to create form while seeking a bridge between the abstract and realistic landscape.

Roberto Ugalde is represented exclusively in America by Michael McCormick.

For more information about this talented newcomer to the McCormick Gallery and to see more of his work, please visit the gallery’s site linked below this post.


All images c/o the Michael McCormick Gallery

October 21, 2016 in Art.

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