When most people think of New Mexico, they think of painted deserts and green chile.  Few would consider it a fly fishing destination; and instead dream of standing in the storied rivers of Montana, Colorado or Idaho.  However the collective dreams of thousands of anglers have made for big crowds on the rivers to the north.  These days, if you’re planning on a fishing trip to Colorado, it’s a good idea to bring your own rock to stand on!

Here in the mountains of New Mexico, trout abound in our streams and rivers.  And since the droves of anglers have gone north for their vacations, it’s still possible to find yourself surrounded by wildlife and big trout—but not other fisherman.  Just a few miles west of Taos is the 70-mile long Rio Grande Gorge runs through the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.  Additionally, Its tributaries: the Red River, Rio Costilla, Chama, and the Conejos have world class fishing, scenery AND solitude.

With all these different options, Taos provides great opportunities for anglers of all skill levels.

Top 5 Favorite Fishing Spots

1. Río Grand

2. Rio Costilla (Valle Vidal)

3. Cimarrón River

4. Red River

5. Rio de los Pinos

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    Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

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    New Wave Rafting

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    Solitary Angler

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    Fishing Licences & Permits

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    Taos Fly Shop

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