marshall’s great noodles


Marshalls Noodles cart

Every summer (until late October), Marshall Thompson parks his Noodle Cart at the top of the John Dunn Shops off of Bent Street.

Having worked in several kitchens in town, including The El Monte Sagrado and the Edelweiss in the ski valley, where he was the executive chef, several years ago Thompson decided to branch out on his own and set up shop under an old red plum tree at the entry to the John Dunn Shops.


At lunch time, a large crowd can be seen gathered around the cart, and when your order is up, you will understand why.

The rice noodles with a spicy peanut sauce are a favourite – they are delicious. Al dente rice noodles with julienned veggies, coated with a traditional sesame oil and peanut dressing. Marshall adds a little hot sauce before sprinkling a few almonds and chopped cilantro over the works.

Marshalls Noodles cooking

Don’t stop there though, definitely try the avocado spring rolls. The rice noodle wrap is fresh and not at all soggy and the seasonings, just right. Ditto the seaweed salad, which is a must if he has it on the menu – perfection when it feels too hot to think about a meal.

Do check the board for daily specials as well, Marshall’s a fabulous chef and his mobile, mini kitchen in no way inhibits his abilities to serve up great food.

Marshalls Noodles

Be sure to wander over to the Dunn House complex next time you find yourself in town. Just look for the line under the old plum tree – you might miss the yellow noodle sign if as many people are gathered around as was usual these past couple of summers – and order up.  The ingredients are garden fresh and the menu, simple but very satisfying. Best of all a hearty meal can be had for under eight bucks.

Marshall’s Great Noodles under the plum tree at the John Dunn Shops

Photos of Marshall at his Noodle Stand by Lynne Robinson

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