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Taos is New Mexico True
Taos, NM

Artists have always called Taos Home.

Centuries of a vibrant art culture began here in the hands of the Red Willow People and was introduced to the world when two European artists (Bert G. Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein) stayed in Taos to repair a broken wagon wheel. News of the rich culture, enchanting light and sacred mountain quickly spread. Patrons of the arts like Mabel Dodge Lujan and Millicent Rogers, made Taos a hub for influential creatives. Opening the door for the Taos moderns and all who came after. Taos’ influence on art spans the world over and the art community thrives here to this day. Maybe it’s the colors, the light, the stark transition from dessert to endless blue sky. Maybe it’s the mountain.

Taos is a mecca for artists and visionaries. Offering endless inspiration through it’s natural beauty, rustic charm, and unique way of life. Galleries line our downtown and Taos is filled with artists working in their studios, in the streets, even in the mountains. Our community will always be proud of our history and traditions.

Come experience our art and culture and find your own inspiration.

Visit Taos. Where life is art.

Artists in order of appearance:
Chloé Marie Gaillard
J. Matt Thomas
Laura Brzozowski
Jonathan Warm Day Coming
Sarah Hart
Michael Gorman
Georgia Gersh
Stephen Kilborn
Tera Muskrat
Travis Webb
Izumi Yokoyama
Jim Gilbert
Theresa Gray
Jocelyn Martinez
Max Jones
Mandy Stapleford
Pat Woodall
Sarah Newberry

Artist, Jonathan Warm Day Coming holding a piece of his artwork

Artist Jonathan Warm Day Coming holding a piece of his artwork.