art and chocolate plus three golden tickets

A Tasty Fundraiser for The PASEO in Taos

When: 5:00PM to 7:00PM on Friday, February 10, 2017
Where: Chokola on Juan Largo Lane, off Taos Plaza
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Chokola Bean to Bar, Taos’s new boutique chocolate shop just off Taos Plaza, is hosting a gathering to benefit The PASEO outdoor art festival. On Friday, February 10 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM, Juan Largo Lane will be lit up with a new video documenting The PASEO 2016 festival. Inside, Chokola Bean to Bar will be serving hot chocolate and selling limited edition artist-signed bars. The event timing is meant to provide a perfect Valentine gift for sweethearts who love both handcrafted chocolate and participatory art.

Limited editions of small-batch chocolate bars with signed art packaging by Larry Bell, Matt Thomas and Erin Courier will be available for purchase. Only 50 bars by each artist will be sold, priced at $30 per bar. An added benefit to buyers is the chance to find one of three Golden Tickets placed randomly inside three chocolate bars. That’s one-in-50 odds! The tickets will entitle the owners to a gift certificate from either Parcht Wine Bar or The Love Apple Restaurant, or a one-night stay at Casa Gallina Artisan Inn. All profits go towards the production of PASEO 2017, scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd.

Chokola is not new to supporting the arts of Taos. To celebrate her artisan chocolate, Debi Vincent, master chocolatier and art historian, asked local artists to provide their artwork for the company’s incredible array of bean to bar chocolate bars. Larry Bell, who lives and works in Taos, has works in museums and collections all over the world. Erin Currier got her start at the legendary Parks Gallery in Taos over a decade ago, and now shows in Santa Fe and other galleries and venues around the world. J. Matthew Thomas, 2015’s Taos Fall Arts Visionary Artist Award Winner, and co-director of The Paseo Project, currently shows at 203 Fine Art in Taos. These artists offered their work at no charge and are excited about supporting both local artisan-made chocolate and the community art events made possible through The PASEO Project.

About The PASEO:
The PASEO Project’s mission is to transform art through community and community through art. The PASEO Project lives at the center of three primary values: Art, Education, and Community. The PASEO Project’s community is both local and global, respectful and inclusive. Since 2014, The PASEO Project has hosted the annual PASEO outdoor art festival within Taos Historic Downtown.

Chokola is a small-batch, organic, bean-to-bar chocolate maker in historic Taos, New Mexico. Chokola ethically sources organic beans of the highest quality to yield single-origin chocolate bars. Chokola is a family owned, locally operated, community driven operation. Chokola is dedicated to honing the bean-to-bar craft while honoring the artistic tradition of Taos.



Mousse and bon bons aside, the emphasis at Chokola is definitely on the in-house production of the chocolate they make from the ethically sourced aforementioned beans.

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