Remarkable Women

The Remarkable Women of Taos 2012 was a year-long celebration honoring outstanding historic and contemporary women of Taos. The women portrayed shared their passions, accomplishments, advice, and the challenges they met in life. Taken together their stories provide a sampling of the breadth and depth of the remarkable women who call Taos home, who experience the physical, and sometimes ineffable, influence of the land and of the generations who have inhabited it.        --  Liz Cunningham, project coordinator


Remarkable Women of Taos, the book
The contents of this web section is now a 316-page book. The 8 x 11 ½ volume features profiles of 167 women and an index of over 770 names (including over 400 women who participated in 65 events and exhibitions, and 276 women nominated by the community).
Published by, and available from, Nighthawk Press