Self-guided tour suggestions

Visiting Taos for just one day? Not sure how to maximize your time? Here are some suggested itineraries for half-a-day, a full day, and multi-day visits to Taos. These printable PDF files will help you see the highlights within the time you have allotted to Taos and, we hope, tempt you to spend even more time on your next visit.







Half Day Trip (647 KB, 2 pages)

Full Day Trip (602 KB, 2 pages)

Lots of One-day Tours for Families, with a historic focus or outdoor adventures. Compiled by Twirl Toy Store and Playspace (4 pages, 168 KB PDF)

Three-day Sight Seeing Tour (3 pages, 119 KB PDF)

Wild Wild West Itinerary  (3.5 MB, 4 pages)

Hauntings, Hangings, Murder & Mayhem ( pages, 1.18 MB)

Taos in the Movies Itinerary (3.2 MB, 4 pages)

Labyrinths of Taos Itinerary (PDF File: 497 KB)

Also see itineraries designed around the theme, "Remarkable Women of Taos."

Taos for the Birds (426 KB, 2 pages)
Learn about the birds you can watch while visiting Taos!

Custom Guided Tour Suggestions

Would you rather have an expert lead you to the special spots in Taos and tell you the stories that go with the places? Call Taos Tourism Director to make contact with a guide, 575-751-2001.

Spiritual Quest Encounter, 3-night, 3.5-days (3 pages, 139 KB PDF)

Taos: History's Crossroads, 2-night, 2.5-days (2 pages, 131 KB PDF)

Taos Student's Tour, 2-night, 2.5-days (3 pages, 131 KB PDF)

Taos Southwest Cultural/Archeological Tour, 2-night, 3-days (2 pages, 143 KB PDF)

Wild, Wild West, 2-night, 2.5-days (3 pages, 127 KB PDF)

Mabel Dodge Luhan's Taos, 2-night, 2.5-days (3 pages, 119 KB PDF)

Taos Kids & Parents Tour, 2-night, 2.5-days (2 pages, 139 KB PDF)

Hispanic History Tour, 2-day tour (2 pages, 131 KB PDF)

Taos Alternative Technologies Tour, 2-night, 2.5-days (2 pages, 147 KB PDF)