Green Design and Building

Taos has become an epicenter for green building. Historic influences of the adobe-built Taos Pueblo, the sunny and dry weather, and the enthusiasm of forward-thinking builders who have dared to be creative about sustainable solutions, all converge to make for exciting and responsible design and building.

Directory of services and providers

Archetype Design
A leading green building designer who employs adobe and specializes in solar. Publisher of the “Archetype Design and Construction Costs Handbook,” which outlines key costs for owner-builders.

Earthship BioTecture
A global company offering proven, totally sustainable design and construction services worldwide. Company is led by Michael Reynolds, the principle biotect and creator of the Earthship Concept.

EcoBuilders, Inc.
“Eco-conscious” homebuilding. Passive solar construction, upgrades, repairs. Green building practices, local materials.

Green Builders
Led by air quality, radon measurement and mitigation, and general contracting experts, the group is also very active with New Mexico Solar Energy Association.

Habitat for Humanity of Taos, Inc
A locally run affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, an ecumenical, nonprofit Christian housing ministry building decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need.

Lasya Design Group
Smith is a small aircraft designer and inventor with a 30-year background in solar energy and alternative design. He gives free educational forums on solar energy, low-cost housing, high desert greenhouses, 100MPG alternative transportation, and other related topics throughout the year.

Living Designs Group
LEED, solar design (electric and thermal), energy analysis, water collection and reuse, and wastewater treatment living systems. Designer of El Monte Sagrado, among other projects.

Natural Builders, LLC
A “low volume, high quality” design-build construction company specializing in straw bale construction, grey water systems, rainwater harvesting, solar, heat recovery, advance insulation materials.

Onyx Construction and Design
Alternative off-grid solar design and construction. Onyx has helped community groups like DreamTree Project with their construction needs to expand living space for youth in need and to co-create spiritually enlivened spaces.

Pumice-Crete Building Systems of NM
“Earth-Friendly” alternative building materials. A contributor to key, area sustainability projects, including the Green Affordable Housing Initiative started by Sustain Taos and Habitat for Humanity.

Randall Lumber and Hardware
A longtime family-owned business that is very interested in sustainable products and contributes regularly to local charities. Always donates for Earth Day and school events.

The Salamander Company
Custom-built straw bale homes and sustainable building practices.

Solar Plans LLC
Provides consulting and guidance on sustainable systems integration, passive solar design, and green building for residential projects, commercial and school facilities.

West Sun Homes
Affordable straw bale construction, water harvest and solar electric solutions, located in Questa.

Zero e Design
Designer of super-efficient buildings, whole house ventilation with up to 95% heat recovery, state of the art renewable technology.

Information from "Environmental Organizations & Initiatives Directory for Taos County," 2010, compiled by Blackstone Ranch Institute. Subject to change.

Pictured, a solar-powered earthship at Greater World by Janet Burns.

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