Taos Plaza, Then and Now

Click here The Taos Plaza Web Cam. TAOS.org Plaza Cam stream courtesy Kit Carson Telecom. See more community webcams at beyondtaos.com/webbcam.

Taos Plaza is the Heart of Taos. This is the center of the Taos Historic District where locals gather for Taos Plaza Live concerts, May through October and visitors enjoy the shops and galleries that surround the Plaza all year long.

Don Fernando de Taos Plaza was settled by the Spanish colonists more than 300 years ago and still retains its original shape. The plaza was built for defense; windows and doors faced into the plaza and the limited entrances could be barricaded. The D.H. Lawrence paintings in Hotel La Fonda were "banned in London" because of their erotic nature. On display at the Old County Courthouse are the Depression-era murals by early Taos artists.

During the Civil War, patriots guarded an American flag on the plaza. Because of their efforts, Taos Plaza was given the honor of flying the flag day and night. The large cross on the plaza was designed by local artist Ted Egri and placed on the plaza in honor of the many people of Taos who died in the Bataan Death March during World War II.

Right, Taos Plaza sculpture of Padre Martinez by Huberto Maestas. Below, an Arts & Crafts Fair on the Plaza.

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